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GB Fit Waiver
This release is entered into between the undersigned and GB Fit and any agents of GB Fit (aka substitutes). The purpose of GB Fit is to provide fitness instruction and coaching. The undersigned hereby acknowledges that the following was explained to me and/or agree to the following:

1. Acknowledges that Gabriella Boston is not a physician and is not trained in any way to provide medical diagnosis, medical treatment, or any other type of medical advice.
2. Acknowledges that Gabriella Boston will provide fitness instruction and coaching to the undersigned, but that Gabriella Boston guarantees neither good nor bad results.
3. Acknowledges that the undersigned has been told if they feel tired, feel pain or feel out of the ordinary in any way either related to your training, or otherwise, that the undersigned should contact a physician at once.
4. Acknowledges that the undersigned will not hold GB Fit or any of its affiliates liable for injury, loss of work, or death.
5. Acknowledges that the undersigned assumes the risks of participating in fitness training, that they are fit, and they have a regular medical physician they can contact regarding any medical problems that they might develop. The undersigned expressly waive, release, discharge and agree not to sue from any liability of death, disability, personal injury, or action of any kind Gabriella Boston for the undersigned participating in said sporting events and/or training for said sporting events.

The undersigned agrees that this is the full agreement between the parties, that Gabriella Boston, nor anyone else has verbally contradicted any of the terms of this release and that the undersigned has entered into this agreement free and voluntarily without force or coercion.

__ I understand there is no refund policy.
__ I will be dedicated to this program and give my very best.
__ I will have FUN!

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