Personal Training

(your house, workplace or gym)

Gabriella made me a believer! I’ve been a fitness enthusiast and avid runner for years but always focused more on cardio. I’d been struggling to improve my race times since having my son three years ago and had been quite frustrated with recent race results.  Gabriella recommended I incorporate a strength training series into my routine and after just 16 weeks of following her program I ran the fastest race I have since 2009. Not only am I fitter and faster but my body is stronger and more toned than ever before!  – Natosha, 32


Gabriella helped me put all of my training elements together.  She designed a couple strength training workouts that I could easily do several times a week that helped me truly (& finally) see results. I lost about 9 lbs over a couple weeks of training for a half marathon, eating right and her strength training program. The best part was how I felt about it all.  She’s an incredible motivator and made me realize strength was a crucial part of my training that was missing.  As a runner I’ve always known I need to work my core and strengthen my hips, but I’ve never actually gotten to it. GB showed me HOW to do that and kept checking in on me to make sure I was doing it outside of our regular training sessions. Halfway through my first pregnancy, I’m glad I was in the best shape possible when starting on this journey! Gabriella is always available for advice and answered so many of my questions.  She’s the whole package 🙂 – Caitlin, 30


Gentle Yoga

(small semi-private yoga class)

I love yoga with Gabriella. It is a very nurturing, centering experience. I appreciate that she knows physiology and nutrition so well, making her teaching very comprehensive. In every pose, Gabriella offers several ways to do it, from easier to advanced positions, with no judgement or competition. I am learning to be more balanced in my body as well as my mind. I am getting stronger and more flexible. I have taken other yoga classes in the past, and Gabriella’s is one of the best. -Susan, 70


Boot Camp

(Boot camp in Lincoln Park, 6 to 6:45 a.m. Tuesdays and Thursdays)
I signed up for Gabriella’s Boot Camp to get fit and lose weight.  As a result, I have more strength, confidence, and lost over 30 lbs by changing my lifestyle.  But the best part is that I gained more knowledge of how my body works and how to push my limits. And, I see the sun rise every morning.  -Amy, 36
Since I started boot camp and yoga a few months ago, my running times have dropped and my endurance has increased. I recover more quickly too. It’s definitely worth it to get up a little early! -Keely, 29

Rev Yoga

(Rev Yoga, Results Cap Hill: 5:30-7 a.m. Mon+Wed+Fri, 9:30-11 a.m. Wed+Fri)

I have been attending Gabriella’s Revolution Cycling/Yoga class 2 times a week for the last 8 months at Results The Gym in Capitol Hill and it’s by far the best workout class that I have ever taken. As a former competitive soccer player and runner who has been through 7 knee surgeries (limited flexion in left leg) I have struggled to find a low impact cardio/stretching workout until I found Gabriella’s class. Her cycling workout will test and improve your endurance, speed, and mental toughness. Each cycling class combines endurance and sprint drills that she choreographs perfect to energetic music. I’m an avid road cyclist and her workouts have improved my average road speed by 3 mph on 20 mile rides. Her Yoga class is top notch and really hits the areas of your body that need stretched after a cycling ride. My flexibility has improved and I have noticed a reduction of joint and muscle pain in my legs since I have began Yoga. I would recommend this class to elite athletes or even someone who is just starting to workout. Most importantly, if you are looking for a low impact workout that burns a ton of calories and improves flexibility, you must attend one of her classes because it might just change your life! – Scott, 30


I have been in Gabriella’s rev/yoga classes three times a week for the past year and have benefited enormously from her skilled and energetic teaching style.  I used to run long-distance for many, many years and had to give up my favorite form of exercise because of the effect of the pounding on my joints.  The cycling portion of Gabriella’s class gives me the hard core aerobic challenge I’ve always loved, and the yoga–something I wish I had started doing much earlier in my life–is a wonderful complement to the cycling.  My flexibility has increased and the strengthening aspect of the class gives me a really full and satisfying workout.  I can’t say enough good things about Gabriella.  She’s got a terrific attitude and she seems to really care about all of her students!  I’ve even re-arranged my schedule to be able to take more of her classes!  -Bob, 55
 I have been going to Gabriella’s Revolution/Yoga class 2-3 times a week for about 7 months now and my body loves me for it!  I had initially discovered yoga as a hobbled runner with IT band issues, and as many people do, fell in love with it.  But I was looking for something more challenging that could satisfy my need for aerobic work as well (hating the cold my outdoor bike rides and runs were getting fewer and farther between). Gabriella’s class was a perfect fit.  Her tough-love teaching style during an intense spin class coupled with the upper-body focused yoga work was just what I needed.  I feel energized after each class and my body is more toned than it has ever been. Truly an awesome class!! -Cait, 29
Wish I was in a Rev Yoga class right now. Two weeks away from my favorite calorie burning class and favorite instructor is taking it’s toll. I was thinking about all the classes I had missed in the last two weeks of my Mexican vacation and I had already planned to attend within a few hours of my return to DC. What other class besides Gabriella’s could in two months help me lose 20 pounds, help me attain perfect cholesterol numbers, and give me a bp of 100/65? I’ve another 20 pounds to lose and I know Gabriella will help me get there–and by there I mean physically strong, mentally serene, and the healthiest I’ve been in years. Gabriella cares about me and that keeps me coming back. -Evelyn, 56

Yoga Fundamentals

(Yoga Fundamentals, Results, 9:30-10:30 a.m., Mon)

Following surgery for cancer I was anxious to regain fitness, mentally and physically. What good fortune to discover Gabriella’s Fundamentals Yoga classes. Gabriella is an extraordinary yoga instructor. Her Fundamental Yoga classes combine positions comfortably held with music and individual guidance. The effects are wonderful on both mind and body. I’ve also taken her revolution and Flow Yoga classes: also superior. Take any classes she teaches and see for yourself. -Tom, 70.